St David’s School Project

The St David’s School project is one of Vana Trust’s projects:

We are currently supporting 12 children to attend St David’s and looking to identify further children. Two students are due to graduate in December after working their way through from the primary school level, sponsored from the start by Vana Trust.

The story so far … Vana Trust was registered as a charity in July 2003 for the relief of poverty, sickness and distress, the advancement of education and the preservation and protection of good health of children and young people in Africa and UK.

This started with a pilot scheme in a Zimbabwe village school called St David’s School – Nyandoro. The head teacher helped us identify a group of 60 children who were not able to fund costs of attending school such as the school fees and uniforms. These children were either orphans or their parents were affected by HIV/AIDS or poverty. Vana Trust has now sponsored the education of over 1000 children and the demand to help more children is growing. Vana Trust also supports the school by providing other materials such as books and a computer, water to the school and other building repair materials. We will soon supply a science lab. We also hope to raise funds for a much needed new nursery school building. Vana Trust’s daily ‘Breakfast Club’ was feeding over 500 children at the school until 2015.

Vana Trust continues to support children after they leave St David’s school, with funding for further education or training. Young adults are encouraged to develop small businesses and trades through micro-financing and training schemes. The Trust plans to expand its activities in Africa to support more children and other schools.

Jane January

One of many children helped by Vana Trust is Jane, who lives with her grandmother and 10-year-old sister in a remote village called Matemai, in Zimbabwe.

Jane’s parents died when she was eight and her younger sister was too ill to attend school, but Jane walks the 10k round trip every day. Jane is head girl at St David’s, with ambitions to become a nurse. Her elder sister, Anna, was the first Vana Trust sponsored student to be accepted into a university to train as a teacher.

“I would never have been able to write my exams if it hadn’t been for the kind educational support that my sister Jane and I received from Vana Trust. The Trust supported me with school uniform, fees and exercise books from the time my parents died. My grandmother was thinking of withdrawing us from primary school when Vana Trust saved the day! My sister, grandmother and I are so grateful to Vana Trust.”

Anna January


Project Founder: Nyasha Gwatidzo
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Tel: 07713 794163

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