We are looking to recruit the following volunteers:


We would like several more patrons to join Wayne Visser in assisting with manifesting our vision and helping with our fundraising plans.

Enthusiastic Trustees

We have recently taken on new Trustees but the Board is always looking for experienced individuals with a commitment to our aims, relevant business/charity experience and most importantly the time and energy to make things happen. We particularly seek those with previous trustee experience coupled with professional skills in finance or law.


Are you a Public Relations Company who could offer us a few hours of your expertise to increase awareness of our projects and help us with publicity which would greatly enhance our chances of attracting major sponsors. They do say where there is a story there is a way …. we have a good story to tell!!


We are looking for people with ideas for fundraising and the presentation skills to present the work of Vana Trust in a variety of settings. Would you like to run a marathon, climb a mountain, give a dinner party on behalf of Vana Trust? Please do get in touch and we will support you in any way that we can and would be most grateful for your help.

Farm volunteers

We need a variety of people with different skills to help with the on-going work at our organic farm project on the borders of Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire. We also need people who can work alongside children and adults with learning difficulties and emotional challenges. If you can help, please do contact our Farm Manager, Sharon at sharon.callow@vanatrustfarm.org.uk.

Farm Management committee

We have an active and dynamic farm management committee. If you have the following skills or experience in accounting, law, project management, farming/gardening, social work, therapy and would like to join our management committee for our organic farm project on the boarders of Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire, please contact Sharon at sharon.callow@vanatrustfarm.org.uk.

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